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I don't understand why to this day some of you must consider loving and caring for oneself one man, is taboo and a matter of discussion. No. A man has the same needs as a woman and the same rights regarding his health and beauty.

The first thing women look at in a man is his face. That's why daily hydration is needed for the skin to be shiny and firm.

You should not only apply after save and lotion after shaving, but moisturizing cream every day, even if you feel like it, morning and night.

Put moisturizer on your body too.

A man's smile is attractive when it is groomed. Daily oral health care and regular visits to the dentist give a man a charming smile. Use only mouthwashes, without additives. A bright and healthy smile definitely attracts women and makes you feel better.

You can do face masks just like a girl and why say no to manicures and pedicures? A man's limbs should be neat and this is a sign of cleanliness and care.

And the sensitive area, like the woman's, also the man's needs proper care and the avoidance of various germs. The antiseptic effect, the proper hydration and the scent of freshness that a bar of soap can provide for the sensitive area will be greatly appreciated by a woman.

Banish taboos!

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